Chennai based leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier and designer of air pollution control equipments and systems like centrifugal fans, high pressure blowers, inline duct fans, axial flow fans, bifurcated fans, air curtains, man coolers, bag filters, scrubbers, cyclones, multi-clones, ventilation systems, air washer, roof extractors, dampers, slide gate dampers, etc
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Ventilation Systems

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Ventilation Systems

Our product range of ventilation system is made of supreme quality. This product range comprises of air washer, AHU, man coolers, roof extractors and air curtains. Our experienced engineers fabricate these products according to our valued clients requirement. The ventilation systems manufactured by us are used in numerous applications like textile industry, kitchen, auditorium, hotels, ships and toilets, etc. Our ventilation systems are used for supply air system, which is based on the filtration level that filters up to sub micron level. We offer following types of ventilation systems:
  • Natural intake and forced exhaust

  • Forced supply and natural exhaust

  • Combination of both forced supply and forced exhaust

AHU: Our skilled engineers produce AHU according to the clients’ specification. It is accessible in low budget and it is easy to operate. There is no need of any high maintenance for this product. It can avail the static pressure up to 100mm wg. We fabricate AHU from GI, GI with PVC coated, etc, and other metals that make it more durable and superior in operating.
Air Washer: We are one of the leaders in manufacturing air washer according to your necessities. Our air washers are available in spray bank and celldek pad because of which you can avail any kind of air washer. These are used for controlling humidity and pressurization.
Roof Extractor: These are normally offered with axial flow fans or heavy-duty exhaust fans. Our roof closing sheets are designed in such a way that it does not leak during the rainy season. It is accessible for inclined and flat roof. The cowl is designed for optimum aerodynamic efficiency. The roof extractors made by us are available in various sizes like from 300 – 2000mm. Small size roof extractors are available in centrifugal model. There are following ranges:
  • Type: Fixed and Adjustable Pitch blades

  • Size: 300 to 2000 mm

  • Capacity: up to 360000 m 3/h

  • Static Pressure: up to 100 mm WG

  • Application: Ventilation and fume exhaust

Man Coolers: We offer man coolers for the circulation of air in various models. These are easily accessible in low budget. These are designed for tough impact resistant and these are designed for providing cooling and ventilation through out day in and out. It is made of tubular steel and contains adjustable tilt for maximum effect. It is available in following models:
  • Wall mounting

  • Pedestal mounted

  • Tubular floor mounted

Air Curtain: The air curtains produced by us are made of steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel, which is durable and easy to handle. You can attain it according to your choice and that also in your budget. The air curtains fabricated by us have an enormous demand in the market. Cold storage, pharma industries, shopping malls, canteens, food processing units, restaurants are some of the industries where our air curtains are used. It avails low power and has less noise.


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